• 70% of all Alzheimer's sufferers will be women. You can't ignore a number this big.
  • For every man suffering from Alzheimer's, depression or stroke, you can add two women.
  • Why? Have women been forgotten when it comes to our grey matter.
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  • Our Promise

    Our promise is a simple one –
    We cannot and will not forget the women in our lives. We will not forget that women are twice as likely to become victims of aging brain disorder, the most significant health and social crisis facing the world. We cannot forget that there is neither a theory to explain this nor a will to find one. And we will not stand idly by and wait for this oncoming disaster to strike without raising a finger to stop it.

    Our mandate is therefore clear and resolute. We will raise awareness of this imminent crisis, as well as raise money to combat it. We will focus on the stories of those affected instead of just those afflicted, and will raise a global movement inspired to combat women’s brain aging disorders through investment in focused and innovative research.

  • Our Grey Matter. Matters
  • I want to do something about it.

Almost 70% of new Alzheimer’s sufferers will be women. What makes this fact even more alarming is that there is little understanding of why this is the case,
and there are no studies currently being undertaken to explore the discrepancy. We at the Women’s Brain Health Initiative intend to change that.
Care to join us?


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